The Prince’s Trust’s new advert vividly shows the adversity young people can face. What can we do about it?

Young people today are facing tremendous adversity. Gang violence, family break ups, bullying, being taken into care, poverty and being a young carer are all some of the sources of this adversity. In the transition to adulthood they face further challenges; there is fierce competition for employment and further/ higher education vacancies and the stakes are high; of those not in education, employment or training, 15% are dead in 10 years. Those in employment will ultimately face the burden of sustaining an ageing population and all of the increased care and health costs that this comes with. Young people need as much or more support, guidance and education now as they ever have.

Not everything is gloomy. The Prince’s Trust, amongst other organisations, is working to help young people succeed in life and their importance in a modern society cannot be understated. This includes providing for their basic needs such as physical and mental health and education. They need skills to compete successfully in the world of the future.

Nichols Education is one of these organisations; we are dedicated to helping young people from any background, primarily in the area of mental health and wellbeing as we believe this is a fundamental foundation for success in other areas of life. We do this by providing emotional wellbeing evaluations and resilience training in schools, in order to prevent mental health issues and to help young people deal with the challenges of the future and cope with adversity. We believe that by working with schools we can target those most in need. In many cases that means those least able to pay; young people from the poorest backgrounds are 3x more likely to suffer mental health disorders than average.

Young people face adversity, but collectively we can do something about it. Prevention is key.

What do you do?

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