The Problem

25% of young people have, or are at risk of developing a mental health disorder.

10% of young people have a mental health disorder and a further 15% are at increased risk of developing one in future (DfE, Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools, 2014).

75% of adults with mental health problems developed them before the age of 18.

Mental health problems (not including dementia) most often begin early, with 50% arising before the age of 15. (Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, Mental Health Problems in Children and Young People, 2012). We are not currently dealing with adolescent mental health effectively as a nation and this has a great social and economic cost.

Young people from the poorest households are 3x more likely to develop mental health disorders.

This entrenches educational disadvantage, impairs life chances and reduces the chance that they will lead happy and fulfilling lives. All because they were born into a poorer household.

The Benefits

£150,000 is the lifetime saving for early intervention in a serious conduct disorder.

The financial benefits of intervening early can be great. The average annual excess cost for mental health problems range between £11,030 and £59,130 per annum – much of which is borne by schools.


+4 months of progress.

This is the number of months of additional progress pupils are expected to make with effective social and emotional learning, based on robust evidence (The Sutton Trust – Education Endowment Foundation, Teaching and Learning Toolkit). We hope to provide at least this impact or more by evaluating all pupils and providing more targeted specialist help to those in greatest need.


Faculty of Public Health, Thinking Ahead, 2011

“Children who receive effective, well-designed and well-implemented mental health and wellbeing interventions are more likely to do well academically, to make more effort in their school work, and to have improved attitudes to school, with fewer exclusions and absence.”

What do we offer?

Experienced professionals

Our lead psychotherapist has over 20 years of experience dealing with a wide range of problems. All of our staff have relevant training and an enhanced DBS check.

Carefully designed programmes

Our programmes are the product of a collaboration between psychotherapy and education professionals and have been carefully designed to maximise their impact.

Additional support

We help schools to identify the pupils that are most at risk and build emotional resilience for all. For those pupils who need it, we also offer affordable, targeted help.

Affordable cost

We offer an Emotional Wellbeing Evaluation to schools for just £16.50 per pupil and our full 6 week resilience training course, including the evaluation, costs just £40 per pupil.

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